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The Hunter Tool Cutters are an easy to use and an excellent, productive method to turn wood. Let's chuck up the hardest piece of maple that you have in your workshop. Better yet, let's do some end grain work. Do you have a burl with some dirt in it? Perhaps there might be a small rock or two in the burl or should we turn some quartz filled material!

The Hunter Tool will cut just about everything that you want to throw at it!Once the tool dulls, just rotate the round carbide cutter to expose a fresh cutting surface. When it is completely worn out, replace the cutter with a new one. Grinding and lapping are things of the past with this system.

The Hunter Tool Cutters work best on closed grain woods. If you are working open grain woods many woodturners will use the Hunter Tool Cutter to turn the project down to size and then switch to conventional HSS tools to complete the fine finish cuts. Users of the Hunter Tool Cutter achieve desired size and finish results to prep for the final sanding operations.


Hunter Osprey Tools New!


Hunter # 5 Full Swan Neck Tool- 5/8" round shank New!


Hunter # 1 Mini Hercules Tool - 3/8" square shank New!


Hunter # 3 Hercules Tool - 5/8" square shank New!


Hunter # 3 Turning Tool - 3/8" diameter tool for smaller work


Hunter # 4 Turning Tool - 1/2" diameter tool for turning bowls


Hunter # 5 Turning Tool - 5/8" shank tapering down to a 3/8"


Hunter # 1 Cup Hook Hollowing Tool - 1/4" shank


Hunter # 1 Taper Tools - 3/8" shank

    Hunter Swan Neck Turning Tool - 3/8" diameter for making boxes

Hunter Swan Neck #5 Turning Tool


Retrofit Tools - for use in hollowing rigs and homemade tools


Turning Tool Accessories - for use with our turning tools


Woodturning Kits - turn your own handles and assemble


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